Crafters In Disguise

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

iMove, Final Edition

The last 7 months or so have been pretty exciting! My husband and I decided to sell our 1-bedroom condo and buy a big new house. It took 6 months to get an offer we liked (I blame the crazy market and the winter season), but finally the condo has been sold! My husband bought it five years prior at the peak of the market but we actually managed to sell a little higher than the purchase price.

I am really looking forward to the new house and the prospect of never having to move again (at least not for a while, right?). Ever since I have graduated from high school I have seriously moved at least once a year, sometimes twice a year (during college). That makes me a l33t PRO at moving, with more than ten years of experience. Allow me to outline my experience:

1. 2000 - graduated high school, left my childhood home to go to college
2. moved back home for the summer
3. moved back to college my sophomore year
4. Mom remarried; I moved my stuff from my childhood home to Mom's new house
5. moved to the new house for the summer
6. moved back to college my Jr. year
7. moved back home for the summer
8. back to college for my Sr. year
9. 2004 - graduated, moved back home and Mom started charging me rent to make me get a job
10. moved to a tiny basement room of a house in Greenlake with 4 roommates (cheap rent)
11. got my own studio apartment (no roommates!)
12. moved to a 1-bedroom apartment
13. Fall 2008 - got married, moved in with the hubby (the 1-bedroom condo)
14. 2010 - sold the condo, moved in with hubby's parents (temporarily!)
15. COMING SOON: the FINAL move to our new house! (Seriously, we better not move again in the next 15 years...)

In less than two weeks we will be closing on our new house! I am already planning out where to put everything. We found a great new house which was new construction a couple of years ago but was barely lived in. The neighborhood is gorgeous and new, and Target and Costco are conveniently close by (woot!). The best part is that we are going from a 1-bedroom+den condo to a house with enough space that my husband will get his own man cave in the basement where he can display his action figures and I will get.... my own CRAFT ROOM! Woohoo!

Seriously, I cannot wait to start working on crafts again, it has been impossible to work on anything ever since we staged the condo and put it on the market. I have unfinished projects to complete and blog about! I feel like my life has been in limbo the past 7 months. Heck, I even cancelled my World of Warcraft subscription. Fortunately I had a StarCraft 2 beta key from BlizzCon 2008 so I have had a game to play whenever I have 20 minutes to kill. It's much easier to just sit down and spawn zerglings for a few minutes than it is to get sucked into raid dungeons for 3 hours straight.