Crafters In Disguise

Monday, June 9, 2008

Customizing a [Flower Girl Basket] x2

I found a couple of basic baskets at the store, but they were kind of plain. I added some satin flowers, a pearl spray and ivory ribbon, and viola! One-of-a-kind flower girl baskets.

This was a very quick and easy craft project. I already had the flowers and pearl spray on hand because I found them at Michael's on clearance a few weeks ago. The satin flowers just happened to match the baskets perfectly! The ribbon actually came with the baskets as a tie on the outer packaging; I just untied it, ironed it, and made it part of the actual basket design.

Monday, June 2, 2008

This [Card Box] takes the cake!

This weekend I finished another one of my wedding craft projects. I made a box for cards that looks like a wedding cake!

1 set of 3 hat boxes
1 roll of 1.5" blue organza ribbon
1 roll of 1" blue satin ribbon
2 feet of wired blue ribbon (optional)
1 tube of ivory acryllic paint

- hot glue gun
- Craft knife
- Scissors
- Sponge paint brush

Basically I got three round nesting hat boxes from Michael's, cut holes in the tops of the bottom two boxes and a slot in the top box, painted them with acryllic paint, hot glued them together, then added decorative ribbon using double-stick tape. It was a fun, fast, and easy project.

3/24/09 Post-Wedding Update - The wedding cake-shaped card box served as functional decor at the gift table in the foyer as guest entered the church for our wedding. We received a lot of cards!

Picture by Siang of Lightphoria -