Crafters In Disguise

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hug this [Tree]!

I painted this tree today based off of another Eyvind Earle piece. I love his whimsical style. This painting is on an 8x10 canvas, done in acryllic paints. I used water to help blend the colors in the background.


  1. It is a lovely painting, I like the perspective..looking up at the branches. :)

  2. did you use paintbrushes, sponges?

  3. Just paintbrushes. I like ones with softer bristles. Mostly I used a big brush, about 1" wide, but I used a fine-tipped detail brush for the branches and dots on the trees.

    The acryllic paints I have been using are actually the cheap ones you can get at Michaels or JoAnn's in the area with all the wood things. They are like 89 cents a tube.

  4. I saw a print of the Eyvind Earle original at the store the other day. I was surprised that the actual size wasn't much bigger than the "copy" I did. It's so incredibly detailed though! I think copying great artists is an excellent way to learn good techniques, as long as you're not trying to actually sell a copy as your own invention or pretend it's the original.