Crafters In Disguise

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not a Boomkin.


I found this blank plastic toy at the San Diego Comic-Con last summer and decided I would jump on the "draw on a blank toy" bandwagon. It took me a while to figure out what to do on this one. The shape is interesting and the top piece is actually seperate from the base. I originally thought I would paint on it with acryllics but I decided to try out the Sharpies.

I drew my inspiration from my level 28 druid in the World of Warcraft. After shifting into kitty form I left my character on the screen and started doodling away on this blank canvas.


  1. uhhh...sharpee's?? As in Sharpie markers??? The permanent kind??

  2. Thank you for pointing out my typo... and yes, Sharpies, the permanent markers. They come in lots of colors. The ink would easily come off on my fingers so I sprayed it with a fixative... it blurred the ink a little in come places but I think it's fine.

    I would not recommend giving something like this to children. I intend to set this on a shelf and leave it there.