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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Etsy Favorites Promotion #1: RedHarp

Since I don't always have a new craft to blog about, I decided to start promoting sellers and items in my Etsy favorites, particularly items I have "hearted" that haven't sold in a while or sellers that I think are worth promoting.

RedHarp is a seller I know personally so she gets to be first! Not only is she skilled with a sewing machine, but she is also quite crafty - she once showed me that it is possible create a lightsaber out of plumbing parts and without the need for power tools.

RedHarp's Etsy Shop contains a variety of items including colorful fabric shopper bags and purses in many different fun themes, and of course you shouldn't go without the handy purse organizers! Her bags are great catch-alls for shoppers and convention-goers and the fun prints just scream personality and uniqueness. She doesn't mass-produce these so you can be sure a lot of love and careful work went into each one.

I know some of you love the beauty of the English countryside so you should definately check out her photography.

She also offers clever glass photo pendants that should satisfy both Steampunk fans and the SCA. These are made by attaching a tiny photography behind a glass stone so the glass magnifies the photo (similar to the [Push Pins] I made a few days ago). In particular think the pendants that have pictures of circuit boards are fabulous idea!

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  1. Seems I haven't remembered to read in quite a while! Thanks for the promotion!